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About Us

History, tradition and excellence.

Back in the year 1912 Emma Lucia Drey and Julio Amador Aguirre Hayes saw nobel qualities and found the perfect climate for cultivating the soil, from there they decided to grow pepper and grass for animal feeding. Thanks to the natural qualities and the methodical management El Carmen grew up and was one of the few companies in the world that was capable of producing Red Muscat grape, variety with hard handling but which stands out for its soft texture and sweet flavor. After working many years supplying local market we were able to move forward and became one of the first export company to send our fruit abroad. In 1983 red muskat variety was sent to the world, the destinations were the European and Brazilian market. 

This fact allowed us to grow, today we have grown in extension, today we have a broader crops variety, this noble land has witnessed the efforts made by our family owned business to keep us and enforce ourselves in the competitive world of export, today our fruits travel to different destinations to satisfy customers from all over the world, our products achieve the best quality standards, Now we also send our fruits to the Asian European and American market. No matter how big our production has become, we continuous the family tradition. We believe that our company's success is because our people, we have seen how generations, grandparents, parents and children have preferred us as the first employment option. We have helped each other in the arduous process of cultivating land, we not only appreciate their work, but also their commitment, respect and dedication to our products, what we get is because of their huge effort.

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